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Double Pane Window Repair


Greenfield Glass and Mirror offers replacement of double pane windows.


To do this we remove your old window panes from your window frames and install new sealed double pane insulated glass.


There are 2 reasons this would need to be done


1. Your window is broken and you need to replace it. This could happen for any reason.  A Bird may fly in to it.  A Baseball or a golf ball may hit it.  There are countless reasons a window breaks.  Sometimes glass just breaks because it wants to.

 2. Your window is fogged up.  This happens over time when your windows loses its insulation and the double pane separates. Then moisture builds up between the double pane.  Then eventually the moisture stains or etches the inside of glass leaving a permanent cloudy residue.


Why you need to replace fogged up windows?


Well it may seem like a good idea just to not worry about it.  And it may be okay for a short period of time.  But not taking care of it for a while can lead to the moisture leaking down into the window sill and eventually rotting out the bottom of your sill,  that holds your windows up.  And that can leave a bigger headache to deal with than necessary. And when your window loses it seal your window loses it purpose of being a insulated window.  Therefore your window become less insulating which you may notice drafts of air coming in around your windows when they lose the seal.


Upgrades Available


Greenfield Glass and Mirror offers Low E Glass as well. This would be good for rooms with high amounts of sunlight mostly on the south facing side of the house. Low E Glass is used to block the UV rays from the sun.  

Low E glass prevents fading on furniture and carpets. This can be an upgrade for any insulated window order.

Or a replacement of already existing Low E Windows.


Also available is Argon Gas. This can be used to make the window have a higher -R Value.  Argon gas increases the insulating factor of the window. So whatever you insulating window needs Greenfield Glass can take care of it.



How to get your Double Pane Window Fixed?


Well first thing you probably want to do is know how much the window is going to cost. 

And there are two ways you can go about this.


1) If the window is removable bring it in to the glass shop and we can tell you the exact cost.


2) Call Us with the rough measurements of the glass you can see. Then we can tell you roughly a price based on the size.

3) Email us with pictures and approx. size.  Address of location if you want onsite repair.  (fastest way to get accurate pricing)


Greenfield Glass and Mirror can install your double pane windows 2 ways


1) Customer brings window in Shop for measurement. Customer takes window home and brings back window when it comes in

2) We come to your house to measure and we come back to install when the window arrives.

Double Panes Take 7-10 Days to get in depending on the day of week  when ordered



Greenfield Glass and Mirrors Double Pane Windows have a 5 Year warranty on the seals from fogging up. This is a standard warranty offered by most window manufacturers




Before and After Picture of Patio Door

Before and After Picture of Broken Window

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