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Custom Cut Glass and Mirror



Greenfield Glass and Mirror offers a wide variety of glass options to choose from.


Single Strength Glass is the thinnest glass. 3/32” Clear or Non Glare.  Mostly used for small windows and picture frames.


Double Strength Glass is next at 1/8” thick. Mostly used for cabinets and display case door glass.  And larger windows as well.


Then from there you get in to the plate glass with 3/16” and 1/4” which are most commonly used for making shelving and table tops.


Plate glass is also available in 3/8”, 1/2”, and 3/4”


Along with the different thickness of glass. Also available is different colors of glass.


Greenfield Glass and Mirror also offers different kinds of pattern glass in different thickness. Pattern Glass is commonly used for cabinet door and outdoor tables.


We can also custom cut any kind of glass to and shape or size to fit our customers needs.


Greenfield Glass and Mirror can also tempered any type of glass 1/8” thick and up.


Tempering is done to make glass 10 times stronger then regular.


Tempering glass also serves as a safety precaution.

When tempered glass breaks it breaks in to little tiny pieces so not to seriously harm anyone.

Unlike regular glass when breaks can be very dangerous.





Greenfield Glass and Mirror offers a number of options when shopping for a mirror.


We can bevel any mirror.


Or we can Bevel Overlay the Mirrors


Different thickness of mirror from 1/8” Mirror - 1/4” Mirror


Also available is in home installation for any type of mirrors needed. 


From a bathroom to a workout room.  Greenfield Glass and Mirror has mirrors covered.

Want to dress up any table or dresser.

Greenfield Glass can cut any Size or Shape of table top needed.

Just bring us your sizes or a template of your favorite table and we can make a top for it.

There is no job to small for Greenfield Glass to handle.

We can cut mirrors for any size and shape needed.

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